Gearbox is working on Borderlands 3 and another first-person shooter card game

Update: In a recent interview, Randy Pitchford confirmed that Gearbox Software was working on the game many of you want us to be working on. They also shared concept art from what appeared to be Borderlands 3 many months ago so if this ins’t a confirmation I don’t know what is.

Gearbox is working on a new game called Project 1v1. Project 1v1 is the code name for a top-secret, in-development, competitive first-person shooter—and they want you to have a chance to be one of the first people to try it out! Project 1v1 combines the action of fast-paced 1v1 first-person combat with the metagame strategy of a collectible card game. You can register to play it early here.

We don’t know anything else about the project aside from a screenshot of an arena. This summer, Gearbox will be holding a short Closed Technical Test on PC to test the online infrastructure and learn what players like you think about the game in order to inform and influence future development. It’s unclear if this title will come to consoles but it’s highly likely.