GameStop to take on Xbox Game Pass with new Power Pass subscription


6, 2017

Author Surur // in News

A leaked magazine ad has revealed that US retailer GameStop is set to take on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service with their own unlimited game rental service called Power Pass.

Power Pass is still physical media based and would allow gamers to borrow any used game for as long or as short as you want and swap a disc in and out over a 6 month period for $60, and keep the last title they borrowed.

The service has the advantage of a much wider range of titles, including new and old ones, and offer both major gaming platforms but of course, would actually require people to leave their homes, and they would only have access to what is available at their local GameStop.

GameStop has confirmed the new plan which is due to start  “the week of November 13th.”

Due to its low commitment and the wide range of titles offered the deal, which can also be given as a gift,  is likely to be very popular with those who are close to a GameStop.

Which one will our readers pick? Let us know below.

Via The verge

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