Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises and Shark Dash coming to WP8 today

Gameloft is releasing two games to the Windows Phone 8 Store today.

One is The Dark Knight Rises, which centres on Batman’s return to crime fighting after an arbitrary 8-year retirement and features crowd favourite Bane.

In the game players will be moving around a sparsely populated open-world, stopping random crimes, searching for collectibles, and levelling up to gain new abilities.  The game will likely be several gigabyte large and will cost a wallet-busting $6.99.

Shark Dash - Cinematic Launch Trailer

Shark dash is a much more reasonable $0.99 and is a physics puzzle game involving a bunch of toy ducks kidnapping the toy shark’s girlfriend.

The game is 96 levels of Angry Birds-like duck destruction, using the shark as a projectile.

Via WPC.