The development of Windows Core OS currently appears to be progressing apace, with Microsoft finally making progress in bringing this unified kernel and operating system base to market.

One Windows Core OS instance is believed to be GameCore, what is expected to be the OS for a future version of the Xbox.

Previously states GameCore is the “the evolution of the UWP platform and is going to help Microsoft eventually start building container-based apps. GameCore will make it significantly easier for developers to utilize Xbox services on both PC and the Xbox and should provide for higher levels of performance with lower-level system access and control of hardware assets.”

Now perennial leaker WalkingCat has discovered a GameCore based game in the Microsoft Store.

Called Heather’s Test GameCore Game, the game is described as “HBrodie test game for validating upgrade scenarios. For internal MSFT use only.”

ALumia managed to catch a screenshot of the game, which can be seen below:

The Xbox One family of consoles currently use the aptly named Xbox OS, which uses the Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine monitor and contains separate operating systems for different games and applications. This OS is updated monthly and has had a Windows 10-based core since November 2015.

Windows Core OS is, of course, a modular, processor-agnostic Windows kernel designed to be paired with so-called Composable Shells. While many shells have been cancelled, the discovery of the test game suggests GameCore is still going strong.

Assuming that Microsoft is planning on using Windows Core OS as a common OS across all of its products, it looks likely that future Xbox consoles – perhaps even starting with the Xbox Series X – would run using a Windows Core OS-based core.