Game Troopers tap into UWP success, deliver 20 times more downloads on Windows than Windows Phone

by Surur
May 23, 2016

overkill 3

Microsoft has the Windows Store installed on more than 300 million PCs (including Windows 8.1) but so far has attracted little developer attention, particularly for high-profile apps and games.

These developers may be missing out, as game publisher Game Troopers has revealed that targeting these users can pay off handsomely.

In a post on Microsoft’s developer blog they confirm the secret to success on the Windows Store is targeting desktops, noting “the shooter ‘Overkill 3’ has received 2,000,000 downloads on Windows 10 PC compared to 90,000 downloads for Windows phone.

That would be 22 times more downloads on Windows than Windows Phone, a discrepancy which will only increase as Windows 10 on the PC grows and Windows phone shrinks.

Windows Store apps still make a lot of sense for developers who are focussed only on the desktop, delivering a secure experience for users that is guaranteed not to interfere with the running of their PC, offering a built-in trial, update and payment system, and allowing developers to take advantage of promotional elements such as being featured in the Windows Store, which Game Troopers note can deliver 50,000 downloads in one fell swoop.

Game Troopers has other tips, which can be read in the post here, but for me, the central message is that the Windows Store can pay off, even as Windows Phone fades.

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