Game Review: The Harvest



The Harvest Windows Phone 7 game
The Harvest Windows Phone 7 game

The Harvest is a Role-Playing Game for Windows Phone 7, featuring incredible graphics and engaging gameplay!

Overall Score: 4/5

I would recommend that you buy this game if you’re looking for a quality gaming experience on your Windows Phone! It is worth the $6.99, thanks to the advanced gameplay strategies and the amazing graphics.

Gameplay: 5/5

This RPG has some great depth to the abilities and upgrades you can unlock. At first, the game may look simple, but once you start leveling up you have to really think about which stats category you want to upgrade. The game will last you over 3 or 4 hours to beat, and then you can replay the game with two other characters, each of which have their own special abilities.

Visuals: 5/5

The graphics in the game are great for a mobile phone. The environment’s textures are crisp, the explosions are nice, and the game doesn’t slow down at all in my experience.

Story: 2/5

There really isn’t much of a story present, but some short dialogue bubbles keep you moving through the game.

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Title: The Harvest

Price: $6.99
Developer: Microsoft Game Studios

Update: killercrit from the comments brought to our attention that the game has some confirmed bugs which can render the game unplayable until an update is released. The developers have acknowledged the issues but haven’t said when an update will be released. The bugs seem to be caused by listening to music while you play the game. I had absolutely no problems with the game, but hopefully an update will come soon to rescue those who have these problems!

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