Unofficial Galaxy Buds Manager app now available for Windows PCs

June 10, 2020

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Samsung generally releases an app that allows users to manage their Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds. However, the app was only available for mobile platforms. Today, a new 3rd party Windows app was released for the original Samsung Galaxy Earbuds. This new 3rd party app supports various features such as Equalizer, Battery Level info and more. Find the full list of features below.

  • Display detailed sensor statistics on the dashboard, this includes:
    • Voltage and Current of the in-built ADC (Analog-to-Digital converter) of both Earbuds
    • Temperature of both Earbuds
    • More precise battery percentage (instead of steps of 5)
  • Perform a self-test with all on-board components
  • Display various (debug) information, including:
    • Hardware Revision
    • (Touch) Firmware Version
    • Bluetooth Addresses of both Earbuds
    • Serial Numbers of both Earbuds
    • Firmware Build Info (Compile Date, Developer Name)
    • Battery Type
    • Other sensor data
  • Equalizer: unlock ‘Optimize for Dolby’ feature
  • Touchpad: Combine Volume Up/Down with other options

You can download the Galaxy Buds manager app here from GitHub.

Note: This app works only with the original Galaxy Buds, not the recently released Galaxy Buds Plus.

Source: Reddit

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