G-Invaders 0.4 – G-Invaders becomes a real game

We have written about G-Invaders before. At that time is was little more than a tech demo, showing how the accelerometer in the HTC Touch Diamond can be used to control a space-invader type game. Since then the developer has been very busy, and has been turning the demo into a real game. Currently at version 0.4 the software now features:

  • 4 different difficulty levels
  • 70 levels in 10 galaxies
  • more enemies
  • bombs which destroy all visible aliens
  • extra life every 25 Shields upgrades
  • helper ship every 10 Weapon upgrades
  • high score list
  • saving and loading of game states
  • use of scroll wheel
  • calibration of tilt sensor

See the video below of the game in action. Apologies for the cinematography – its difficult to video a constantly moving screen.

Download the game from this XDA-Developers thread here.