FYI: Instagram BETA for Windows Phone is currently broken


30, 2015


So…you tried to check some photos on the Instagram app on your Windows Phone today? Let me guess what happened: you probably failed to refresh your Instagram feed.

Yep, Instagram Beta for Windows Phone is currently broken for all users. While we aren’t sure what’s the cause of this issue, we suspect this could be related to the recent changes to the Instagram API. It’s worth noting that Instagram also rolled out support for non-square images and videos recently, which could also cause this issue. As you may expect, this issue could also be caused by server issues – which means that other users on Android/iOS and the Web may face this issue as well.

We’ve reached out to Instagram regarding this issue and we’ll update this article with more info if we hear back.

If you’re looking for an alternative, make sure to checkout 6tag which is much better than Instagram’s official app. 

UPDATE: It looks like the app is broken for all users now. We’ve updated the article to note that the app is not functioning for anyone. It’s worth noting that if it is working for you currently, it may break for you soon. I kept trying to use it on one of my devices and it worked for a moment, and then stopped working after a while.

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