Furball Over The Front WW1 Sim-Shooter

Take to the skies of the Great War in this sim-shooter exclusive to the Windows Phone platform.

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  • Shooter with simulation elements
  • 9 Historically accurate campaigns (54 missions) spanning May 1916 to April 1918 plus 10 Quick Play missions
  • Intercept/Scramble/Balloon Busting/Ground Attack missions
  • 3 Planes (Airco DH2, Nieuport 11/17, and the Sopwith Camel), each more maneuverable and durable than the last
  • 5 Aces to down (Max Immelmann, Oswald Boelcke, Werner Voss, Erwin Böhme, and the Red Baron)
  • Many achievements to earn (Rank, Medals, Awards)
  • More to come…

The trial version is the first 2 Campaigns (12 missions) and 5 Quick Play missions.
Download here in the Windows Phone Marketplace