Fully unlocked Samsung ATIV S gets custom SMS notifications


One of the features Windows Phone users have been asking for for a long time is custom SMS notifications.

While Samsung ATIV S users may not have access to all of Nokia latest greatest exclusive software it seems there are still some advantages to owning one of Samsung’s few Windows Phone handsets.

The Samsung ATIV S has been fully Interop Unlocked due to a flaw in a Samsung Diagnostics app, meaning the hackers in XDA-Developers have been able to take matters in their own hands.

Now XDA-Dev members have developed two methods of setting their own notification sounds. AlvinPhilemon  has found the registry keys needed to point to his own wma’s, while Silvestro1 has found a way to add his own sounds to the list offered in the settings menu.

Both hacks require:

1. Interop Unlock
2. Registry Editor (use SamWP8 Tools)
3. Full File System Access (use SamWP8 Tools)
4. Your Notification sound (mp3-, wav- and wma-format)

Read more about the procedure here and here.