Fujitsu joins Windows Mixed Reality headset party with their own headset and laptop pair



At the 11th hour, Fujitsu has jumped into the Windows Mixed Reality party with their own headset, which seemingly at present lacks a name beyond the generic Fujitsu Win MR headset.

Like the name, the specs are also generic, with the usual dual-1440 × 1440 LCD panels with 90 hz refresh rate, flip-up visor and 95 degrees plus field of view. The headset also comes bundled with a standard controller.

Fujitsu does, however, make a lot about the design of the device, saying the all-black “calm” styling suites Japanese tastes and homes better than the somewhat intimidating foreign designs.

What is more interesting, however, and in what I think will become a pattern, Fujitsu bundled the announcement of the headset with that of a laptop powerful enough to drive the device in Windows Mixed Reality Ultra mode.

The Fujitsu FMV LIFEBOOK AH-MR / B3 features a 15.6 inch HD LCD screen and is powered by an Intel Core i7-8550U CPU and presumably has a dedicated GPU in there somewhere.  The PC comes bundled with the  “CyberLink Power Media Player MR for FUJITSU” which supports 360-degree video from YouTube amongst other sources.

Fujitsu will sell the bundle at a discount, with the headset and controller on its own selling for  50,000 yen ($445), hitting the market in late November and the laptop priced at 240,000 yen (around $2140), hitting shelves on December 14th.

Source: Engadget Japanese, Fujitsu Press Release

Thanks Daniel S for the heads up.

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