Freda ebook reader updated – version 2.6



Turnipsoft are pleased to announce a new update to their free ebook reader program, Freda. As usual, a big vote of thanks to the Freda beta-testing team for all their help with this release.  And, thanks to Freda’s small but perfectly formed team of translators, the app’s UI is now translated into French, German, Swedish and Slovak.

Freda is a free program for reading electronic books (ebooks) on Windows Phone. It reads EPUB (DRM-free), FB2, HTML and TXT format books. The program offers customisable controls, fonts and colours, plus annotations and bookmarks, and the ability to look up dictionary definitions and translations. Freda understands EPUB formatting information (such as bold/italic text, margins and alignment) and can display code, images and diagrams in books.  You can download books from on-line catalogs like Feedbooks, Smashwords and the Gutenberg Project. Or if you have an existing book collection, you can use SkyDrive, DropBox or Calibre to share it with your phone. Freda can also download books from any website, using an in-application web-browser (which works even for sites – like O’Reilly – that require cookie-based authentication). You can download books and keep them on your phone, so you can carry on reading when you don’t have network connectivity, and you can pin your favourite books to the Start page.

Version 2.6 adds new features including:

  • Improved Metro-style appearance (including a jump-list view of the bookshelf)
  •  FB2 format
  • Ability to backup and restore the bookshelf using SkyDrive
  • Better handling of CODE, PRE and DIV elements
  • Advertising no longer displayed on the main front screen – Bulk-download feature to get multiple books at once
  • Low-memory mode for better performance on low spec phones
  • Password lock
  • French, German, Swedish and Slovak UI localisation
  • Numerous stability and performance fixes

For more details, head over to the developer’s web-site at ( , and to download the app, find it at Marketplace here.

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