France passes a new bill allowing it to fine Facebook for hate speech

France’s lower house approved a bill that would force social media firms like Facebook to remove hate speech from their platforms within 24 hours or face the threat of being fined. The measure also applies to search engines like Google and Bing, aimed to remove hate speech and terrorist content from the internet.

The Associated Press reported:

The provision, part of a bill on internet regulation, targets videos or messages inciting or glorifying terrorism, hate, violence, or racist or religious abuse. Violators could face hefty fines.

Facebook was fined in Germany this week for failing to report illegal content on its platform already, with this bill, it could now potentially be fined for failing to adequately remove hate speech from its platform.

The firm may be immune to US regulation, but in Europe, regulations are alive and well.

Source: The Associated Press, Via: The Verge