Forza Street is a free-to-play PC game and the worst Forza game to date


15, 2019

A simple game reskin is a rare occurrence outside of Steam asset flips, but it would appear Microsoft is joining in. Enter Forza Street, a timing-based, simplistic reskin of previous Microsoft-published game Miami Street.

Forza Street sees you tackle the land of street racing, but it’s no Need for Speed Underground 2. It’s not even L.A. Rush – there’s an obscure one for you! While you will be taking part in events, become an infamous street racer and building up a rocking car collection, the game that surrounds all of these ideas isn’t anywhere near as interesting.

In Forza Street, you press the spacebar in yellow sections of the map and let go in red sections. It’s not very involving and rather boring, but one of our trainee writers will be suffering through the game properly tonight. Expect a full review soon!

Forza Street is currently only available on the Microsoft Store, but it is coming to iOS and Android sometime soon. Thankfully, it is free-to-play so if you’re even the slight bit curious, pick it up here.

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