Former Microsoft Office and Cortana executive to head Google G Suite



Javier Soltero today announced that he has joined Google as a Vice President to lead the G Suite team. Javier Soltero previously held various positions at Microsoft over the years. Javier Soltero first came to Microsoft when Microsoft acquired his startup Acompli, which later became Outlook Mobile. After leading the Outlook Mobile team for several months, he lead the overall Outlook team at Microsoft.

Later, he was working in the Office Product Group as a CVP. Before leaving Microsoft last year, Javier Soltero was leading the Cortana team. As we all know, Microsoft’s strategy around Cortana was changed around that time period. It may be one of the reasons why he left Microsoft. It will be interesting to see the changes Javier will bring to Google G Suite as he had great experience in working with Microsoft Office products in the past.

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