Former Microsoft CTO: Bill Gates Is Very Innovative And Steve Jobs Wasn’t A Creator Of Technology

In an interview to Slate,  former Microsoft CTO and Founder of Intellectual Ventures Nathan Myhrvold made comments about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He disagreed with Steve Jobs view on Bill Gates as unimaginative and having never invented anything. He also commented that Steve Jobs is not a technical guy and he wasn’t a creator of any technology.

Jobs’ role, Mhyrvold said, was to refine how Apple and the world thought about products. But “he was never a technical guy, he was never a programmer,” Mhyrvold said. “He was a user of technology but he wasn’t a creator of technology.”

Gates, on the other hand, Mhyrvold said, “I think, is actually very innovative. He’s innovative in a technologist’s way. He was a programmer. Bill’s understanding of technology and what is possible was absolutely part and parcel of what Microsoft successful.”

On talking about Microsoft Office on Mac,

“essentially on every Macintosh and were part and parcel of the Mac’s success. Our stuff was ugly unless you needed it,” he said with a laugh. “As every Mac user seems to.”

Source: Slate via: Seattle times

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