Forget folding phones – Samsung patents a floppy phone

by Surur
June 7, 2020

We have just started getting used to folding smartphones with one fold, but Samsung is already planning to push things to the next level.

A new patent by the company published on the 26th May 2020 at the USPTO features a handset with multiple fold points, both inwards and outwards.

While it is not clear what the benefit of the inward-folding top half may be, one suggestion is that it could make the rear camera front-facing, allowing one camera to serve two purposes, and getting rid of the notch or in-display camera.  This does not quite explain the need for the outward-folding bottom half however, but this may simply be Samsung flexing.

The patent is by Samsung Display, not Samsung Electronics, and therefore reflects a new flexible screen innovation by the company, so it is not clear if it will show up in a handset any time soon yet.

What do our readers think of this exotic design? Let us know below.

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