How to force all universal Windows apps into full screen

July 29, 2017

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Microsoft’s WIndows Store apps in WIndows 8.1 offered support for a built in full-screen mode, which lets users open apps from the store in an immersive mode. While Windows apps in Windows 10 don’t offer the same functionality (for the most part), there’s an easy keyboard shortcut built into Windows which affords users the same perks. When you hold down the¬†Shift, Windows and Enter keys at once, universal Windows apps are now forced into an immersive mode

It works on all Universal WIndows apps, including Edge, Groove, OneNote and others. It’s great for getting focused work done on apps that don’t have their own native full-screen modes. Microsoft is bringing the native full-screen support to Edge in the Fall Creators update, but for other apps, this is still a nice tip to know.

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