For Developers: Sunburn Game Engine updated, now with built-in physics, much more

The Sunburn Game Engine has seen an important update to version 2.18.

Version 2.18 now features:

  • Integrated Physics – a lightweight and fast built-in physics system for SunBurn which replaces SunBurn’s collision system and provides realistic movement, reactions, adds friction support, and objects now conform to surfaces they rest on.  The system also includes ray casting for calculating projectile impacts, line-of-sight, and more.
  • Built-in Character Controller – a character controller  which provides an easy and flexible way to move objects, cameras, and more around the scene.  The controller exposes movement and rotation methods, as well as information about the object’s physical state (whether on a surface, sliding, crouching, …).
  • Enhanced Terrain – the terrain system now supports physics / collisions, material properties like elasticity and friction, and control over terrain tiling.  The terrain bounds is reduced to only the area covered by the tiles, meaning the terrain now culls based on visibility like other objects.
  • New events on objects and components to indicate if created in the editor
  • Ability to search for objects by unique id
  • Additional editor camera controls and support for non-qwerty keyboards
  • And much, much more!

The Sunburn game engine costs from $150 for indie to $1000 for the studio version and supports both Xbox Live Indie and Windows Phone 7.5

Read more about the software at Synapse Gaming here.