Focus Session in Windows 11 gets revamped

June 15, 2023

Focus Session in Windows 11 is a useful tool that helps you manage your time better. And, according to Microsoft’s recent update for insiders in the Dev channel through Windows 11 Build 23481, the new version of the widget is coming to the operating system.

Redmond officials are introducing updates to the Focus Session widget, which will be included as part of an update to the Clock app available on the Microsoft Store. The primary objective of this widget is to boost productivity and assist users in effectively managing their time.

With the new Focus Session widget, users will have the ability to initiate and conclude focus sessions directly on their devices. This feature will enable individuals to stay focused and be more productive by setting dedicated time blocks for specific tasks or activities.

In more positive news, insiders in the Canary channel can also look forward to the arrival of the Focus Session widget. Despite the recent update (Build 25393) for the Canary channel lacking a release note, Jen Gentleman from the Windows engineering team confirmed on Reddit that the new widget is indeed being rolled out to insiders in this channel as well. 

This means that Canary channel users will soon have access to the productivity-enhancing features provided by the Focus Session widget, allowing them to better manage their time and stay focused on important tasks.

Have you ever taken the Focus Session widget in Windows 11 for a spin? Let us know in the comments!

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