Fitbit updates their Windows 10 app, also offer a message of hope to Windows Mobile users

Fitbit has released a new minor version of their Windows 10 UWP app, taking it to version 2.24.1191

The update appears to be an out of stream one, without a formal changelog or major version number, but according to the product manager for the Windows app, it is to allow for more reliable  OAuth2.0 authentication support by the app.

He writes:

We’ve recently made changes in our apps to support OAuth2.0. We’ve been noticing some token refresh issues and made fixes to resolve them. Should be mostly invisible to everyone.

The next major version is version 2.25, expected at the end of the month, though most of the changes would not be initially visible.

Fitbit has been defying the trend recently in their ongoing support for Windows and Windows Mobile, and our readers may appreciate Tristan, the Windows App product manager’s take on the reasons for this.

He writes:

These are my own thoughts and opinions on the matter. I can’t speak to any of Microsoft’s motivations or plans. Regarding Windows 10 Mobile, it comes down to a few factors.

1. Fitbit has always wanted to support our users, whatever their platforms of choice.
2. People who use Windows 10, including on mobile devices, have supported Fitbit by buying our products and we intend to support them in return. As long as Windows users continue to purchase and use our products with the platform, it justifies the investment in developing on Windows. (This is where I want to again thank everyone for supporting us!).
3. Building a UWP means that there is very little work needed to specifically support W10 Mobile, outside of what we do to support Windows 10 in general.

This is a very complex topic, and I’d love to explain more in the future if possible.

Would but more companies (including even Microsoft) take this view.

The UWP Fitbit app can be found in the Windows Store for both phones and PCs.

Developer: Fitbit
Price: Free