Samsung has been teasing an Artificial Life digital assistant called NEON via tweets and Instagram posts.

One of the people involved in the project is Pranav Mistry,  CEO of Samsung’s STAR labs research division and also apparently CEO of NEON, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Today he tweeted the image below.

Core R3 is part of the NEON project and apparently means “reality, realtime, responsive.” The tweet notes that the technology can now “autonomously create new expressions, new movements, new dialog (even in Hindi), completely different from the original captured data.”

Samsung STAR Labs’s  remit is “to secure cutting-edge AI core technologies and platforms—human-level AI with the ability to speak, recognize, and think—to provide new AI-driven experiences and value to its customers.”

This with the tweet suggests Samsung is working on an avatar-based digital assistant which users can customise in terms of appearance and personality, and which would interact in a responsive way to users.

It appears Samsung will be demonstrating the technology tomorrow, presumably at a pre-CES event, so we should know a lot more soon.