Firmware update brings support for Microsoft Swift Pair, more, to Samsung Galaxy Buds


27, 2020

Samsung has released a firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Buds which brings a number of new features, the most interesting being support for Microsoft’s Swift Pair technology.

Swift Pair makes pairing faster and easier and works as follows:

  1. Put the Bluetooth peripheral in pairing mode.
  2. If the peripheral is close by, Windows will show a notification to the user.
  3. Selecting “Connect” starts pairing.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds supports connecting with two different devices simultaneously, meaning you can use your Bluetooth headphones with both your phone and PC at the same time.

Firmware R170XXU0ATD2 brings the following features:

Easily Pair Galaxy Buds with Your PC
With Microsoft Swift Pair feature, you can now more easily pair your Galaxy Buds to your Windows 10-based PC. This allows you to utilize Galaxy Buds’ innovative sound quality on work-related tasks, such as remote video meetings, or listening to the music that helps you power through the workday. With the addition of Swift Pair compatibility, Galaxy Buds join Galaxy Buds+ to support multiple pairing experiences across mobile and PC devices, giving you the freedom to easily connect to, and switch between, your favorite devices.

Tune In, or Out, of the World Around You
With this update, and for the first time on Galaxy Buds, you can now experience Ambient Sound automatically. By simply putting your Buds on, you can now hear your surroundings and remain aware of the world around you, even when you’re watching movies or listening to your favorite tunes with the volume up. In addition, you can now experience Ambient Sound even with only one earbud in, giving you more options of how you tune in, or tune out, of your surrounding environment.

Instantly Listen to Your Personalized Playlist with a Single Press
Spotify users can now instantly listen to personalized music on their Galaxy Buds with a single press. Through a simple ‘Tap & Hold’ gesture, users can launch Spotify and start listening to music where ever you left off. Not feeling it? Tap and hold again and Spotify will recommend playlists just for you so you can effortlessly discover your new favorite song through your Galaxy Buds. With these updates, you can start playing your personal soundtrack instantly, as soon as you need it – whether you’re starting a workout or starting your day.

The firmware is rolling out now, and users can try and download it by checking for updates in the Galaxy Gear app.

Samsung Galaxy Buds can be picked up from only $75 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus from $124 at Amazon here.

Via XDA-Dev

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