Firefox is now Chromecast ready, thanks to “fx_cast”

Love for Google services and the use of browsers other than Google Chrome is a dangerous combination. It’s a proven fact. Google Earth, Chromecast are the shining examples.

Luckily, we now have a partial solution to the problem. While Google Earth is yet to make its way to other browsers, an open source Firefox extension, fx_cast has come to the rescue for those wanting to cast contents from Firefox browser to Chromecast, all thanks to Chrome Sender API. However, there is a little caveat. Don’t expect this to work if you are only installing the fx_cast extension, you will also need a bridge application on your PC so that it can handle communication with receiver end.

After you are done with the installation of both fx_cast extension and bridge application, just click on the cast button on your toolbar and your Firefox content such as YouTube, Netflix are ready for the primetime.

Image: XDA

Now since the extension is in its infancy things will go wrong and random crashes should not surprise you. You can download the open source extension fx_cast from GitHub.

Via: XDA