Fire Emblem Heroes to introduce Feh Pass


3, 2020

Author Ash // in Game, News

Fire Emblem Heroes, the free-to-play tactical mobile RPG based on the Fire Emblem series, is the latest Nintendo mobile game to receive its own paid monthly subscription service in the form of the Feh Pass.

This new service is similar to the Pocket Camp Club scheme in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and the Gold Pass in Mario Kart Tour. It’s designed to make playing Fire Emblem Heroes even easier and will set you back $9.49 a month (that’s $113.88 a year).

Feh Pass will give players access to five perks: Resplendent Heroes, special Feh Pass quests, expanded Summoner Support, Re-Act, and Auto-Start.

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Resplendent Heroes are in-game characters who have brand new visuals and voice lines, and also receive a +2 boost to each of their stats. Starting in March, you’ll get two Heroes a month, on the 10th and 25th respectively.

The special Feh Pass quests give out exclusive rewards, such as Orbs and Holy Grails. The expanded Summoner Support will allow you to bond with up to three Heroes, instead of the usual one.

Re-Act acts similar to how Divine Pulse works in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, allowing the player to rewind their actions and try again. The key difference is that Re-Act works by allowing you to return to the start of the previous turn if your Heroes have yet to act, or the start of the current turn if you’ve already made a move. Re-Act can also be used in the case of Game Overs.

Auto-Start will automatically repeat a map until your stamina runs out. That means you can leave the game to do all the fighting in your stead, while you go off and do other things. Auto-Start can be used in the Training Tower, Tempest Trials+, and Forging Bonds.

Subscriptions to Feh Pass will open after the v4.2 update for Fire Emblem Heroes, which is due out on the 5th of February.

Fire Emblem Heroes is free-to-play. You can get it for iOS here and for Android here.

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