Finally an app to force 3G or 4G when its available with just a few clicks, coming to windows phone 8



Finally you can force 4G or 3G for around 30 minutes with a single app.


The app submitted to the store today and due to be released in the coming days of this week. Allows users to force there Windows phones onto the fastest available cellular connection with just a few clicks.

We have all been there, your out and about and pull your phone out your pocket to check your emails or social feed and you have “G” or “E” (2G or Edge) speeds due to a weaker 3G or 4G connection where you are. Ever wished there was away to just flip your phone onto 3G or 4G. Well soon you will be able to.

I have posted a you tube video of the app in action which can be seen above.

I will update everyone when the app is released!

Are you excited or is this just not needed for windows phone?

Let me know in the comments bellow.

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