A new update for the Final Fantasy IX PC version doesn’t have any official patchnotes, but we can only assume it to be a highly effective bugfix. In fact, developer Square Enix has exterminated every single bug in the game… By deleting the entire game. 

In an update released on April 2nd – after April Fools! – Final Fantasy IX PC was updated to the newest Build 4849932 version of the game. No warnings, no announcements, just a sneaky surprise patch that deletes everything.

Checking SteamDB, we can see what files are added or removed to the game in its newest patch. We can without a doubt reveal that not a single file was added to Final Fantasy IX PC, but nearly every file was removed.

Final Fantasy IX PC version update

For now, if you own the game on Steam, don’t let it update unless you want to be stuck with just a desktop executable. Square Enix has yet to comment on this.