File Downloader to download and share content on Windows Phone

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File Downloader is one of a kind application in the Windows Store packed with features to download and share content. It is dynamically evolving having regular updates introducing new features. Other downloaders usually target particular type of content like YouTube or Music content. File Downloader on the other hand consolidates all that into a single application adding much more and covering the gap of inter-device communication and sharing.

You can download any files (music, pictures, video, documents, etc.) individually or using a web browser, manage them in the local storage, save to the Media Library or SkyDrive, send via e-mail or bluetooth, execute using default applications, and share with FTP server. Once the downloading is started you don’t even need to keep the File Downloader running, everything is done in background. Here is a list of major features:

  • Download files copy/pasting or entering URLs.
  • Specify a location for downloading anywhere in the isolated storage.
  • Use the internet explorer to navigate web sites and click on files for downloading.
  • Download YouTube video in multiple formats (use YouTube link on the Link tab).
  • Download content from FTP servers using direct URLs or FTP client (supporting multi-language names).
  • Monitor the transfer queue.
  • Manage the isolated storage files and directories.
  • Save image and audio files to the Media Library.
  • Save files to SkyDrive keeping the files hierarchy.
  • Send files via e-mail using SMTP server of your choice.
  • Send files via bluetooth to any devices such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.
  • Share the files with the integrated light FTP server (supporting multi-language names).

The application is presented in two versions.

File Downloader QR File DownloaderPro QR
A free version with ads and a paid version without ads.