February Update of Adobe XD now allows you to share your prototypes, create scrollable artboards and more

Adobe has recently released the February Update of Adobe XD for Windows. This update includes several new features bringing their Windows 10 application to alignment with the Mac application.

With this update, users can now share their prototypes to the web which can be viewed in browsers on desktop and mobile. It comes with the ability to configure the upload settings (commenting, icon, and prototype name), upload to the Creative Cloud, and get both a URL and an embed code to share. Users can also enable commenting for their shared prototypes.

Just like the Mac version, Adobe XD for Windows now comes with the Start Screen that gives you easy access to your recently used files, an array of artboards, and links to both the UI kits and in-app tutorial.

Another important feature included in this update is the ability to create scrollable artboards by either dragging down the bottom of an artboard or by selecting the artboard and changing the scrolling properties in the Property Inspector. This update also allows users to export assets and artboards as SVG. Finally, Adobe has also included both Background Blur and Object Blur in this update.

Learn more about this update here.