Fans release Super Mario 64 3DS port following PC conversion

July 30, 2020
Super Mario 64 3DS

Fans have completely ported the original Super Mario 64 to Nintendo 3DS following an impressive reverse engineering project that perfectly brought the game to PC. 

With the reverse engineering project taking place in a “clean room environment”, the modification of Nintendo’s codebase is technically legal. However, the use of Nintendo‘s assets – for example the Mario IP – does breach the company’s copyright.

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With that said, Super Mario 64 3DS is a fantastic piece of homebrew. While the game did receive an expanded port to the original DS back in 2006, that version lacked the smooth analogue controls that are now available to portable gamers in this conversion.

On top of that, the game runs at 30fps with no graphical issues like you’d see through emulation. It’s the version fans have wanted for years. With the PC version’s intense modding scene, we’re likely going to see Super Mario 64 3DS expand more than before.

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