Fallout Battle maps now available for Minecraft Console Edition

Fallout Battle mini game is now available for Minecraft Console Edition. The three new Battle maps are inspired by the blasted future depicted in the Fallout RPG series.  “We tried out various different scenarios to see how they would look as Battle maps and we could quickly see Fallout would fit really well,” says 4J’s art director, David Kenningale.

“But we knew we couldn’t just take anything from Fallout’s open world and hope it worked: Battle maps have to be pretty self-contained. By contrast, we did think about doing things in a Vault but we felt it was too enclosed for the way that Battle plays and you might get lost in the tunnels a little bit too much. So we decided to take it above ground and condense some of our favourite areas from across the series.”

Last year, Mojang announced the Fallout Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft Console Edition. The UI was given a retro-futuristic overhaul in honour of Fallout’s wristmounted computing device, the Pip-Boy and the pack came with a soundtrack combining familiar tunes from across the Fallout series. You can download the pack today for $2.99.