Facebook’s Messenger tests a new snooze notification feature

Facebook Messenger wants to be a little less instant messaging and a little more reply at your own leisure with a new feature. The firm is testing a new button for its Android app, allowing users to dismiss notifications to be triaged later.

With this new addition, users don’t have to reply to messages immediately. But the firm adds a middle ground between dismissing them into the ether and consigning them to notification hell (so you can dismiss them later.) Users now have one extra button on Messenger’s notification card, “Remind me in one hour.” Once triggered, Facebook Messenger will set a reminder to pop up in an hour, notifying you about said message.

Now, while Android does have its own native “snooze a notification for one hour” feature which works on every app, Facebook’s Messenger’s implementation summons a reminder which will be triggered on all your devices with a Messenger app i.e, its device independent.

It’s only available on beta builds of Messenger at the moment and may also need a server-side switch like most of the firm’s test features.

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