Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 updated with UI changes

by Surur
December 6, 2017

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After being down for an hour yesterday, Facebook Messenger is fortunately back in action again, and to celebrate the company has pushed out a minor update to the Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10.

The update takes the app to versionĀ 139.1258.62743.0 and brings along some UI changes.

The biggest is to the left sidebar, which now contains two tabs – “Messages” and “Active.” Th Active tab makes it easier to manage long lists by only showing you who is currently online and active on the network. The font for messages also appears somewhat larger.

The Emoticons menu has been moved from a pop-up to underneath the message pane, the search bar is now middle aligned and the Photos and videos section has now been renamed Photos and Multimedia.

There are also, of course, the usual bug fixes and improvements.

You can download the updated client from the Store here.

Developer: Meta
Price: Free

Via WindowsLatest.com

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