Facebook is testing an improved Facebook Messenger Desktop app

by Surur
November 17, 2019
facebook messenger desktop app

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After many months of inactivity, it appears Facebook is delivering on their promise of an improved Facebook Messenger Desktop app for Windows 10.

Uncovered by AggiornamentiLumia, the updated app is based on Electron and brings a number of new features:

facebook messenger desktop app

Compared to the previous app, the changelog is actually longer than simply a Dark Mode and Drag and Drop.

The list includes:

  • Ability to permanently delete sent messages
  • Introduction of new themes (dark theme, grey theme)
  • Ability to send files
  • Full-screen mode
  • Ability to hide chats
  • New icon
  • Updated emoticons

ALumia demonstrated the updated app in their video here:

YouTube player

The improved Facebook Messenger desktop app is not available yet, but will hopefully enter open beta shortly.

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