Facebook makes it easy to host a live graduation ceremony online

Facebook graduation

Facebook is making it easy to host a live graduation ceremony online. To help student communities, Facebook has created the virtual graduation hub – classof2020.fb.com – that offers a number of ways to celebrate graduates. Some new features added by Facebook are listed below.

  • Graduation-themed AR effects on the Facebook app.
  • Instagram and Messenger will include graduation speech filters with customizable tassels and college-themed stoles.
  • The Facebook app will feature stickers and profile frames in popular school colors.
  • Facebook is curating a list of songs to make the perfect soundtrack for the graduation moments people share to their stories.
  • Facebook launching Community Help in the US in coming weeks, for college students and high school seniors headed to college.
  • Students, teachers and alumni can offer and request assistance with career, housing, moral support, fitness and supplies.

Source: Facebook