Facebook is rolling out the new design for its website to selected users

by Anmol
January 5, 2020

Facebook has been working on a new design for its website for quite some time now. The new designed popped up on the internet last year when Anthony De Rosa, product manager for The Daily Show shared the screenshots in May of 2019.

It looks like Facebook is on the verge of releasing the final design as the company is now inviting users to test the new design. The invites appear to be random and are not following any pattern. The new design does change the overall look of the website and it looks much more modern than the existing Facebook design. The design also brings support for Dark Mode. You can head down to check out some of the screenshots of the new update.

Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t shared any official ETA but we do expect to see it roll out before the end of the year. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the invitation as those seem to be going out at random.

Source Vosveteit

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