Facebook is adding more ads to Instagram as it tightens its hold



Facebook is increasing the number of ads users will see on Instagram Stories as part of its efforts to increase the number of ads on the platform.

Now, users will see back-to-back story ads when browsing Stories on their Android or iOS apps. Typically users would be served with ads one at a time, but now Facebook is increasing the number of ads and combining campaigns from different marketers.

The firm said that this was done to provide a more seamless experience for users because what users of Facebook’s platforms have asked for since time immemorial has been more ads.

A report from the Information indicated that Facebook wanted more ads as a way for Instagram’s to pay off dividends to the parent company. There also appeared to be an undercurrent of jealousy. Facebook had helped Instagram go, you see, so it was time for Instagram to repay some of that favour.

Facebook has been tightening its influence on Instagram over the past year culminating in founding members departing the company. The firm’s stamp of Instagram by Facebook is just another way of exerting its influence.

Source: AdWeek, Via: TubeFilter

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