Facebook Infinite Office will allow you to create a virtual office space


16, 2020

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Facebook today announced Infinite Office, a collection of new features that will allow you to create a virtual office space to become more productive. As you can expect from a virtual office, you can enjoy vast working space with multiple customizable screens. Also, the Oculus Browser will offer you a great desktop-class web browser experience.

Based on your need, you can toggle between a fully immersive experience and a mix of virtual displays with Passthrough for a greater awareness of your surroundings. Check out the video above where you can see this feature in action. Facebook is also working with Logitech to bring a physical keyboard into VR.

Facebook Infinite Office

Facebook will be rolling out the first Infinite Office features as an experimental release for Quest 2 VR headset this winter. Facebook is also planning to open up features like Passthrough to developers so that they can enable mixed reality in their apps. Check out how Spatial works with Passthrough technology below.

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