Facebook announce Project Aria, their own version of Google Glass, and partnership with Luxottica

by Surur
September 16, 2020
project aria

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Today at their Connect event Facebook announced their own Augmented Reality glasses similar to Google’s Glass project.

Project Aria is currently only a research project, but Facebook has partnered with glasses producer Luxottica to produce real glasses in 2021.

The current glasses will only be worn by Facebook employees, who will be wearing marked clothes. The glasses will collect audio and video and will help Facebook find use cases for the glasses.

The use cases Facebook showed off was very similar to Google’s original glass – navigation, reminders, recommendations and more, though with less emphasis on communication.

Regarding the eventual product, Mark Zuckerberg notes:

“I can’t go into full product details yet, but they’re really the next step on the road to augmented reality glasses. And they look pretty good too.”

Hopefully, Facebook can benefit from Google’s disastrous experience and bring to the market a more well thought through device.

See Facebook’s Project Aria presentation below:

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