Face Swapper AI Review: Is It Worth It in 2024?

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Face Swapper AI review

This Face Swapper AI review will help you get a quick overview of its features and results. Why waste time if I’ve already gone through it? You’ll also have a chance to get onboarded fast with the tutorials I prepared.

But first, let’s start from the beginning!

What Is Face Swapper AI?

What is face swapper AI

Face Swapper AI is an AI-powered platform for swapping faces on images and GIFs. It also allows you to generate avatar pictures and to cut faces from an image.

All in all, it’s a simple browser-based platform suitable for beginners, with promising output.


This platform has four core features. I’ve used images generated with another AI-powered website (thispersondoesnotexist.com) to test them. I’ll showcase the results within the review of each feature, so stay tuned.

Face Swap

Face Swapper AI Face swap

To start face swapping, you’ll need two images, preferably zoomed in on the faces.

Usage is straightforward, and all the previously created outputs are automatically saved to your account. You can also download them to your device in the jpg format.

Here’s the result of my first test:

Face Swapper AI face swap sample

Unlike FaceSwap (which is entirely free and open-source), you don’t have to provide hundreds of samples to get the result. However, this also means you can’t really fine-tune them. Still, for most use cases, it’ll get the job done.

Animated Face Swap

Face Swapper AI animated face swap

Face Swapper AI allows you to select one of the available GIFs and put a custom face on it! You can also upload your GIF and customize it.

I got this when I placed my John Doe (from thispersondoesnotexist.com) on a Mr. Bean GIF:

Face Swapper AI animated swap

Although it can take up to a minute to generate such an output, it was barely 10 seconds in my case. Processing speed is definitely a strong point.

Although browser-based, like DeepSwap, the dynamic GIF output is a bonus. Considering that you can use Face Swapper AI without an account, while DeepSwap doesn’t offer a free trial, it’s worth trying.

Magic Avatarly

Face Swapper AI magic avatarly

Think about refreshing your social media profile photos? If you don’t have time to experiment with different backgrounds and setups, here’s the solution.

By uploading a photo of your face to Magic Avatarly, you get 12 different outputs. These will include various backgrounds and elements.

This isn’t something new or innovative since many social media apps, like Snapchat, offer it. Still, if you want something different, it might be just right.

Face Cutter

Face Swapper AI Face cutter

The face-cutting feature comes in handy if you have a group photo but need individual head cutouts.

This one is entirely free, so you can use it as much as you want without spending a single credit! (More about credits in a bit.)

I couldn’t use the individual face samples I had, so I asked Midjourney to generate one:

a group of friends taking a selfie on top of a mountain

Face Swapper AI face cutting sample

Face Cutter successfully recognized all six faces in the photo. (Even the one hidden behind an arm.)

Note that the input was somewhat blurry due to how Midjourney generated the photo. The bottom line is that the Face Cutter doesn’t negatively impact the output quality.

Like in the previous examples, you can download output(s) individually. This makes it highly suitable for further processing in other tools.

How To Use Face Swapper AI?

I made this tutorial to help you use all of the above-mentioned features.

You don’t need an account to get started. However, if you run out of credits, you can register by hitting the Sign-in button, and you’ll get additional ones for free.

Start by heading to the Face Swapper AI home page.

Swap faces

  1. Click on the Start Face Swapping button.
    Face Swapper AI face swap tutorial
  2. Click on the pencil icon and select a face you want to take.
    Face Swapper AI face swap face1
  3. Hit the Confirm button.
    Face Swapper AI face swap face1 confirm
  4. Select and confirm the face you want to put the first face on.
  5. Hit the Swap Face Now button and wait.
    The process usually takes less than a minute.
    Face Swapper AI face swap face now
  6. You can click the Compare button to check it and the Download button to save it on your PC.
    The output stays saved in your Collection.
    Face Swapper AI face swap result

It’s that simple! Now, let’s see how to use the additional features.

Put a face on a GIF

  1. Hover over More Swapper Tools and select Animated Face Swap.
    Face Swapper AI animated face swap
  2. Click on the pencil icon and choose a face you want to put on the GIF.
    Confirm the selection.
    Face Swapper AI animated face swap face1
  3. Choose an existing GIF or upload your own.
    Face Swapper AI animated face swap GIF
  4. Hit the Swap Face Now button and wait.
    It usually takes between 40 and 60 seconds.
    Face Swapper AI animated face swap NOW
  5. Use the Compare button to check the result and download it if satisfied.
    Face Swapper AI animated face swap result

Generate 12 avatars from 1 photo

  1. Hover over More Swapper Tools and select Magic Avatarly.
    Face Swapper AI Magic avatarly
  2. Select the Gender of the person in the photo.
  3. Click on the image field or drag-and-drop one to upload it.
    Face Swapper AI Magic avatarly add photo
  4. Hit the Swap Face Now button and wait.
    Face Swapper AI Magic avatarly swap face now
  5. You can download any of the twelve results you get!

Cut all faces from a photo

  1. Hover over More Swapper Tools and select Face Cutter.
    Face Swapper AI Face cutter
  2. Click on the image field or drag-and-drop one to upload it.
    Face Swapper AI Face cutter upload
  3. Hit the Cut All Faces button.
    Face Swapper AI Face cutter CUT all
  4. Hit the Download All button.
    You can also download faces individually.
    Face Swapper AI Face cutter download

Now you know how to use Face Swapper for any given purpose! Remember, you need to provide high-quality input if you expect decent results. Here are some extra tips:

  • Upload photos that include only one face.
  • The face must be entirely visible, without objects hiding it.
  • Use only images for which you have permission.*

*Although Face Swapper AI deletes your uploads within 48 hours, you should never use other people’s faces without permission.

If you want to test the tool, you can use any AI face generator to create the input pics.


Face Swapper AI pricing

Face Swapper has a credit-based pricing structure. One credit equals one usage of any feature (besides the face cutter, which is 100% free). Six free credits are available for unregistered users.

If you need more than that, you’ll have to register for an account and get 10 free daily credits. The only downside (besides the limitation) is that you’ll see ads on the platform.

To get rid of the ads and get more credits, you can subscribe to any of the paid plans:

  • Starter – 199 credits ($6.9/month or $29/year)
  • Premium – 499 credits ($9.9/month or $49/year)
  • Advanced – unlimited credits ($19/month or $69/year)

As you can see, subscribing to yearly plans is much more economical. It’s also nice that there’s an unlimited credits plan, so you can use any feature as much as you wish.

The final prices might differ due to the taxes imposed based on your billing address. However, the final amount will be displayed before you subscribe.

If you’re unsatisfied, there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee for a full refund.

Face Swapper AI Review – Verdict

All in all, Face Swapper AI is a good and beginner-friendly platform for swapping faces. It offers some extra fun features that you can use for your daily tasks if you’re doing something like social media management.

However, it does lack some precision, so you can’t expect perfect results. If you’re already familiar with deep fake AI tools, this won’t impress you. Still, it’ll serve a purpose for some light tasks.

If you’re looking for more advanced solutions that offer more flexibility (with a higher price tag and more complex usage), check out my DeepSwap vs FaceSwap comparison. Hopefully, this Face Swapper AI review has covered all you wanted to know.

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