The long-running Codemasters series’ next entry has been leaked in details uncovered by Aggiornamenti Lumia today. 

With Formula 1 returning last weekend with a belter of a race, it seems only right that we now have some leaked details of the upcoming F1 2021 game, most notably its release date, currently set for July 16th.

With the changing technical regulations being delayed until 2022 in Formula 1 proper, and last years F1 2020 introducing team management, there isn’t much for F1 2021 to radically change in the game’s formula. 

Included in the leak were details of the upcoming game, such as the “thrilling new story experience” titled ‘Braking Point’ as well as a “two-player Career and ‘Real-Season Start” modes. 

According to the leak, F1 2021 should be being released with support for the Series X|S consoles, which we should find out more about when Codemasters officially unveils the game soon.