Experimental flag reveals Windows 10 Sun Valley’s Floating Menus

by Surur
April 26, 2021
sun valley floating menu

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The next major version of Windows 10, the Sun Valley updated aimed for the second half of 2021, is intended to bring a major visual upgrade to the operating system.

One of the rumoured upgrades is so-called floating menus – ie. menus that are disconnected from the button which activated them.

Now a developer called Dan has managed to activate the new look in the jump list right-click menu by activating the experimental flag “JumpListRestyledAcrylic” by debugging ShellExperienceHost.exe and setting “JumpListRestyledAcrylic” to visible in Visual Studio.

sun valley floating menu

The results can be seen above, with the menu “floating” above the icon.  A transparent border is still visible, but reportedly this will not be present in the final release.

The same look is also expected to come to the Action Center, Clock flyout, Volume flyout, and WiFi flyout, giving Windows 10 a rather macOS-style look.

via WindowsLatest,  Rafael 

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