Evernote CTO reminds Google they are not the only game in town

imagePossibly as a response to Google’s new Keep service, Evernote CTO Dave Engberg speaking at Business Insider’s IGNITION Mobile conference noted that each Windows Phone user was more valuable to Evernote than each Android user.

"The average revenue per user is more than it is for Android," he said, noting Windows Phone Evernote users used the app more, and were more likely to buy extra services.

Of course with 20 times more Android than Windows Phone users Evernote still makes a lot more from the users of Google’s mobile OS, but he noted Windows Phone was "solidly in third place" — ahead of BlackBerry.

"BlackBerry is a great smartphone platform, but most users don’t think of it as an app platform. So even if the same number of people are using BlackBerry and iOS, if you put the same quality level of app out on iOS, you’ll get 10 times the installations."

He concluded that Windows Phone revenue "modest, but worth the effort" and noted that it was important to make native apps if one were to succeed, rather than half-assed cross-platform apps.

"It’s not worth doing it halfway," he insisted. "There’s no benefit of putting half effort into it."

While the Windows Phone version of Evernote still lack some features found on other platforms, it has been seeing rapid improvements recently, and it is good to hear the company is finding the effort worthwhile – a position which will only improve as the Windows Phone population continues to grow.

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