Epic Pics And Videos (FailBlog/MemeBase) released!!


20, 2012

Epic Pics And Videos is based of Fail++ and has been optimized for handling upcoming Tango devices. The same great contents, less noise and added Video support! On top of looking at funny pictures from a dozen blogs, you can now enjoy videos of Failure (and more)! More blogs are added with each release.

If you are over 18, please use the in-app support email to send an email and you will get access to a handful of hidden blogs.

Other features

  • Search the various blogs for funny pictures and videos
  • Switch between your favorite blogs.
  • Pin some, or all of the blog to your start screen to get faster access to your favorite blog.
  • Favorite your images or save them to your photo albums
  • Vote on the in-app poll for what features you want to see next.

Gives access to the following blogs:

  • Fail Blog
  • FailBook
  • Win!
  • Very Demotivational
  • There, I fixed it
  • GraphJam
  • This is photobomb
  • Damn you autocorrect
  • Comixed
  • Picture is unrelated
  • Daily Squee
  • I can haz cheezeburger
  • Bros
  • Download it now .

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