Emperion Nebulus: Company claims it is ready to offer a Windows 10 Phone


18, 2020

A UK company we have never heard of, but which appears to have been around since 2017, is currently teasing a smartphone which will run both Windows 10 and Android.

The Emperion Nebulus is supported for feature a Snapdragon processor, 6.19 inch “Cosmos Display”, 2x 13MP Emperion OptiX™ camera system and a 6000 mAh battery.

The handset will run Windows 10 on ARM and also Android, but it appears that it will be without Google Play Services, which the company promotes as being free from Google spyware.

The handset is set for pre-order soon for £549.00 (€658.96), which may increase by £50 for regular orders.

The company claims that they worked closely with Microsoft, and could not use Windows 10X as that was just for Intel processors. The handset was originally teased as an Intel phone last year, but it appears those plans fell away.

Emperion does not even have a website yet, so it is unclear how serious the effort is. For those who demand Windows 10 on a phone, however, it appears there may be an option soon.

Follow their twitter account here.

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