eFootball gameplay has leaked online 

September 7, 2021

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A new, unlisted, video from GREAT GAME TV CHANNEL debuts the first full match of gameplay from Konami’s upcoming free-to-play football game, eFootball

The video, which shows a friendly match between Manchester United and Arsenal, has already been discovered by PES franchise fans and a lot of people aren’t happy. 

“They say it’s a whole new game, but these are the exact same cutscenes we’ve had since PES 2014,” one commenter writes while a few others call the look of the pitch’s grass “strange” and “horrible.” 

Amidst the dissenting voices, there are a number of people praising the games look and gameplay while also occasionally throwing jabs at Konami for having made the game look so uninteresting in its past trailers. 

While the footage on display isn’t to everyone’s tastes, it’s important to note that the quality of the recording itself will likely play a factor in how good the game looks, as recording a tv screen rarely looks the best. 

With the leaked video claimed to be played on a PlayStation 5, it does raise some concerns about just how good the game is going to look on the previous generation of consoles, as well as on mobile, which eFootball is also targeting as a platform. 

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This leaked gameplay comes not too long after Konami finally revealed when eFootball would kick-off for PC and console players, with a release date having officially been announced for the 30th of September. 

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