You can now edit Unity projects in Visual Studio Code

August 4, 2023
Microsoft Visual Studio Code Unity

Yesterday, Microsoft released a preview of the Unity extension for Visual Studio Code. This new Unity Extension will allow you to write and debug your Unity games. This new Unity extension brings some of the popular features that are already available on Visual Studio and Visual Studio Tools for Unity to make Unity development better with C# in Visual Studio Code. For now, the Unity Extension for VS Code offers the following:

  • A Unity debugger to debug your Unity editor and your Unity players.
  • Unity specific C# analyzers and refactorings.
  • Code coloration for Unity file formats (.asmdef, .shader, .uss, .uxml).

You can download the preview of the Unity extension for Visual Studio Code here. When you install the new Unity extension, VS Code will automatically install the dependent C# Dev Kit and C# extensions. To install this new plugin, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Unity 2021 or greater.
  • Activated C# Dev Kit extension in VS Code.
  • .NET 7 SDK or greater, the C# Dev Kit will install it if required.
  • Visual Studio Editor Unity package 2.0.20 or greater.

To launch VS Code from Unity project, go to Unity’s preferences and set Visual Studio Code as Unity’s External C# editor.

The new Unity Extension for VS Code is free for individuals, academia, and open-source development. For organizations, this extension is included with Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise subscriptions, and also GitHub Codespaces.

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