You’ll soon be able to see open Edge browser tabs by using Alt+Tab shortcut key

by Rahul
March 17, 2020
Microsoft Edge flash

Alt+Tab is a useful keyboard shortcut that lets you switch between open programs on Windows. But now, the functionality of the keyboard shortcut is about to get a lot more useful particularly for the Edge users.

According to famous Microsoft enthusiast Walking Cat, Microsoft Edge tabs will soon show up in the Alt+Tab windows list. This feature is going to be useful in many ways.

For instance, you’ll be able to make the switch from any Windows program to a specific tab vs switching to the Edge browser and then look for a specific tab, which is much more time-consuming especially when you’re dealing with a gazillion of tabs. Clearly, this feature is going to bring a big sigh of to those who deal with lots of tabs.

Unfortunately, we don’t know as to when the feature is going to be available, but you can almost take it for granted that the feature will first be available on Edge Canary. We also don’t know whether using Command+Tab will produce similar results on macOS.

How many of you find the new feature to be actually useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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