Edge hits highest ever market share in latest Netmarketshare numbers


1, 2019

In an unexpected turn of events, it seems Microsoft’s Edge is slowly gaining ground and market share, hitting an all-time high of 6.03% in June 2019, according to Netmarketshare.

The browser seems to be taking share from both Firefox and Google Chrome, with Chrome dropping more than 1% from 67.9% to 66.29% between May and June, and Firefox dropping from 9.46% to 8.86% share.

As can be seen in the graph, this is not a one time blip, but a trend which stretches all the way back to the beginning of the year.

The most likely reason is the adoption of Windows 10, which recently overtook Windows 7 in market share, though this seems to be a weak explanation given that Edge has been relatively flat for much of 2018.

In terms of desktop operating system market share, nothing much is going on, with Windows 10 maintaining its 10 point lead over Windows 7.

What is our reader’s best theory for slow ascendancy of Edge? Let us know below.

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